First Post / by Julian Alexander

Welcome to my website! This blog is the home of my current updates. As a contributor for the Red and Black, the independent student-run newspaper in Athens, Georgia, I have many opportunities to cover a wide range of events. Currently I have turned my focus to sports. It is here that I plan to post links to galleries on the Red and Black website.

As a photographer I seek to portray the world as I see it, and share my worldview with others. I attempt to do this both in my photojournalism work as well as my personal and artistic work. I hope that this website gives you a window into my world, and perhaps inspires you to show others how you view the world.

All creative efforts build upon those that have come before. In my own work I seek to emulate others who inspire me and create based on my interpretations of their work. Despite having known how to use a camera for a long time, I have struggled to define myself as a “photographer” . Now that I find myself photographing on a regular-basis, perhaps how I perceive my work will change. I now find I feel more like a photographer every day. Like those that came before me, I have a lot to learn. I hope you enjoy watching me learn.

In addition to the current events I photograph, I will also be posting photos from my archive that I think are worth sharing. Keep an eye out for photos from my previous journeys and all those to come!