Women's Tennis Photos Posted / by Julian Alexander

On Nov. 2, 2018 the University of Georgia women’s tennis team started the first day of play in a tournament that lasted the weekend. I was there to cover the doubles matches and some select singles matches for the Red & Black.

While the matches were set to be played outside, poor weather conditions persisted throughout the day. A decision was made to hold the doubles matches for the day inside the Lindsey Hopkins Indoor Tennis Courts. Unfortunately these courts are incredibly dim.

For sports photography it’s generally desirable to have crisp, clean images. In a dim environment this can be nearly impossible. Even shooting with a wide open aperture of f/2.8, I struggled to get clean images. Increasing my ISO settings caused a grainier image, and too high of a shutter speed failed to capture enough light.

To make matters more complicated, I had never shot a tennis event besides a few of my friends hitting out on outdoor courts in broad daylight. Results for this tournament were mixed. Check out my photos by clicking the link in the title of this post. The best photos are from later in the day when play was moved outside for the singles matches.