Updating the Website / by Julian Alexander

I’ve been in a bit of a lull recently. Despite taking assignments every week, I have not been publishing my work on my own outlets. There have been a few galleries that have featured my photos on the Red & Black website, but I haven’t put anything up on this website or on instagram.

What I’ve been doing recently is going through my photo archive to find photos that I want to publish here. Today I’m posting my first update in a long while, and it’s displayed both here and on the portfolio page of this site.

I’ve chosen a photo I’ve entitled “Chilean Sunset”. This is a photo I took in March of 2017 when I was lucky enough to get to go on a Habitat for Humanity trip to Chile. A group of about 20 juniors and seniors from my high school, Pace Academy, travelled to Chile to build a home for a family in need. This photo is from our very first evening near the build site. We had driven all day from the capitol city of Santiago to arrive at small cabins nestled on the Pacific Ocean. As the sun set that evening, we ventured out onto the beach for the first time to relax before a challenging build. The next morning we drove nearly 40 minutes to get to the build site, which was in a remote township. We continued to make this drive, a near 80 minute round trip, every day for the next week. Every day we had this beautiful view to look forward to.

The subjects of this photograph are my friends who went on the build. towards the shoreline, a group is visible with a Chilean flag draped over their shoulders. One of favorite features of this photo is on the far left of the frame, where one of my friends, Rob, looks South on the beach. Of the three nearly identical shots in the series I took at that moment, this one stands out due to his look being captured in the edge of the frame.